Venus Williams Launches New Sunscreen Line with Credo

Venus Williams Launches New Sunscreen Line with Credo

Venus Williams, an Olympic gold medalist and Grand Slam Winner, has shown that besides dominating the tennis court and making the sport welcoming for women of color, she’s also a beauty enthusiast. The tennis player takes skincare very seriously and is the go-to person for friends and family in need of skincare tips and recommendations. 

Williams shared that “People always come to me with their skin issues,” and mentioned that she never complains because she loves it. She is also very conscious of her use of sunscreen since she spends a lot of time outdoors.

Reminiscing, the tennis star also said that when she was younger, she believes she took her great skin for granted but is now taking a different approach. “I am covered from head to toe when I’m outside. Long sleeves, long pants, and sunscreen. I try to protect my skin as much as I can.” She said. 

This love for skincare encouraged Williams to partner up with Credo Beauty to create her first beauty line named ‘EleVen by Venus x Credo’.

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“Credo is the leader in clean beauty. It really was just the perfect partner for EleVen to launch a clean mineral sunscreen.” William said about the decision to partner with the retailer. “I was already using so many of the brands that were on their website and in their stores. I came in as a fan before we started to partner together.” 

Two key products were launched on the 21st of May in Credo Beauty. These products include the ‘Unrivaled Sun Serum SPF 30’ and the ‘On The Defense Sunscreen SPF 30’. Both sun protection products are mineral-based and suitable for every skin tone. The sunscreens were also designed to cater to the needs of shoppers who want products that are lightweight and flattering.

This line leaves no white cast and, of course, it is universal for every skin tone and complexion,” Williams said.

The beauty line is an extension of her EleVen athletic apparel and fitness line. 






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