Tia Mowry Encourages Women To Pour From Their Own Cup First

Tia Mowry Encourages Women To Pour From Their Own Cup First

Tia Mowry is loved not just for her acting skills or her yummy recipes, but also for her insightful words and her bright laughter that can cheer even the dreariest soul. The mother of two who celebrated her birthday not long ago recently hosted a YouTube show that gave fans full dosage of all these wrapped in one! On the show ‘Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix’ she shared helpful advice for women juggling numerous responsibilities and obligations during the quarantine.

She shared that it’s okay for women to put themselves first when it comes to wellness. “It’s okay to take charge of your health and your mental health. Because I always say this, how can you be the best mom, how can you be the best wife, how can you be the best anything if you’re feeling depleted?” Tia asked on ‘Yes, Girl!’ leaving mothers with a lot to think about.

After battling with endometriosis, Mowry is all about women prioritizing their mental and physical health.

Take time for yourself. I think we forget about our mental health. The more we bleed and the more tired we are, and the more exhausted we are, it’s like we feel like that’s what makes us the best mom, or the best girlfriend.” Mowry shook her head firmly at this mindset saying that women can only be the best mothers, girlfriends, and wives when they are happy and at peace with themselves.

During the show, Tia went on to discuss other topics. She explained that it’s alright for women to indulge themselves every now and then. “Monday through Thursday, I’ll eat rather healthy, right? So eating protein, I’m eating vegetables, I’m trying to eat salads. Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I eat what I want,” She said, mentioning how she loves making brownies on Sundays.

For how her desire to represent women of color encouraged her to launch the Anser’, she explained that the inspiration came when she began her wellness journey. “I didn’t see any representation. I didn’t see any women of diversity within this wellness space and I thought it was ridiculous because I truly believe that representation is so important.” She explained that seeing people like yourself who are also undertaking the same journey as you are, can encourage you to continue.

As for becoming her husband’s barber during the lockdown, she lightly shared that she used scissors in cutting his hair because he needed a trim and they had little access to a barber.

Also on the YouTube show, she shared that women should learn to embrace wonderful, small moments and fill their cups with light and gratitude. She says that it is a blessing to grow older because it means “we are here, we are alive, we are well.” So women should never feel uncomfortable about having gray hair.

To hear some more wise, inspiring, and encouraging words from Tia Mowry-Hardrict, you can listen to her podcasts or follow her YouTube channel.

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