Savannah James Provides Teens With Prom Dresses

Savannah James Provides Teens With Prom Dresses

Savannah James, wife of basket ball superstar LeBron James, after recently extending her generosity to the high school students of Akron, Ohio proved that her husband isn’t the only philanthropist in the family.

On the 10th of March, Mrs. James hosted twenty five young girls from different high schools in Akron for the ‘I PROMise Makeover’ event sponsored by the LeBron James Family foundation. The event was held in Dillard department store which was set up as a boutique on Tuesday for the special occasion.

The I PROMise Makeover was dedicated to these high school students with an aim to pamper them and make them feel like princesses while they chose their prom dresses. In addition to a new prom dress, the girls were gifted new shoes, accessories and a makeover as a gift from Dillard’s department store. They were also given a goodie bag with Dior cosmetics.

I PROMise Makeover program was launched in 2011 by Savannah and she made sure she was present to spend time with the girls and help them select their dresses and try them on. The program was created to make sure the girls could enjoy their prom without worrying about how to pay for their dresses. Being the ninth event hosted by the foundation, the event was strictly by invitation.

At the event, Savannah James addressed her guests, telling the participants that prom was their opportunity to feel like fairytale princesses. Instagram influencer Vena E also entertained the guests with her performance and took pictures with the excited young girls.

video courtesy of Akron Beacon Journal

video courtesy of Akron Beacon Journal

In the video clip shared to social media, the mother of three also mentioned that in the distant future, her daughter Zhuri will also be attending her prom, although she isn’t in a hurry for that day to come. “I’m enjoying her at the age she is now. I know when we get there, we’ll have an awesome time, hopefully, she lets me have a little bit of an opinion.”

All the girls were ecstatic to receive new prom dresses and accessories. A few even shed tears of joy, admitting that they didn’t know how their families could have afforded the items. Kareemah Jackson, one of the participants, shared that it was one of the best moments of her life while looking stunning in her aquamarine gown.

The Lebron James Family Foundation took to Twitter to shed light on the special event. The page shared several photos with an endeared caption “There’s something about waking up on this morning every year that still gives @SavannahRB butterflies,” the LeBron James Family Foundation tweeted out. “There’s a vision that many girls have for their high school prom and being able to bring that vision to reality, so that those memories are happy ones, is what excites and drives the passion for this day. 9️⃣years later another beautiful group of women are dressed and ready to impress on prom night! Woman dancing Thank you to @dillards, and many others for making this day of magic happen. #WeAreFamily #IPROMISE”

The mother of three confessed that she loved the annual program and that it was one of her favorite activities to carry out each year. Obviously spending time with the girls made Savanna reminiscence her own prom with LeBron James, her high school sweetheart in 2004. “These girls are beautiful. You don’t need a prom dress or shoe to know that. They should always feel beautiful and feel good.” Savannah shared.





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