About Liberation

Liberation is…Knowing when to say yes. It’s also knowing when to say no. Liberation is skipping out on plans after a long week to Netflix and chill alone.
Liberation is being spontaneous and going on an unplanned vacation. It’s a stay-cation.
It’s a girls night with facials and pedicures.
It’s pajama parties and sleepovers.
Liberation is buying yourself a new tube of lipstick, or lip kit because you deserve it. It’s playing in makeup to find the perfect shade.
Liberation is wearing a brand new bra from Victoria Secret or refusing to wear one at all because…Well, sometimes you just want to be free.
Liberation is finally buying that new pair of stilettos or sneakers because you’ve walked past them again and again and you always say I’ll get them next time, after I take care of _________.
Liberation is ordering takeout, or preparing a fancy entree’.
Liberation is whatever you want it to be.
Liberation is the freedom to love yourself. 
Welcome to Liberation. A digital platform created to share stories,  promote self love, confidence, and inner beauty.