Jada Pickett Smith Attends Breonna Taylor’s Rally in Kentucky

Jada Pickett Smith Attends Breonna Taylor’s Rally in Kentucky

Jada Pinkett Smith attended a rally held on Thursday at the Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfurt with her children. The rally was organized to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a woman of color who was shot on the 13th of March in her home by police officers during a ‘no-knock’ search.

Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, stood with Jada Pinkett-Smith as she addressed the crowd.
“It is my pleasure to stand here next to this woman and to stand here with you. One thing I want you to know is that it does not go unseen that the revolution and the fight stands on your shoulders.” Pinkett-Smith said during her address. “Now, Tamika can’t get out there today to shake all of your hands for your love and for your courage, but I want you to know we want to say thank you. Because it is you standing out here that’s going to keep shining a light on Breonna’s name.”


Jada Pinkett-Smith attends Rally video courtesy of WKTY News

Jada also shared that it was important for her to show up at the rally with her children. “And what we need is justice for our sister, Breonna, and that’s why we are here today, and that’s why my family is here today. From one family to another; To Tamika, we wanted to come here, show our love and amplify your voice, and amplify the life of your daughter. We love you.” She said.

Willow, Jada’s 19-year-old daughter, also posted a photo on her instagram from the rally with the caption “ #BLACKLIVESMATTER #JUSTICEFORBREONNATAYLOR.”


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Her 21-year-old son, Jaden, later posted a picture of himself standing with his mother and sister wearing orange shirts that said “Until Freedom” on his social media. The picture was captioned “No Justice, No Peace. This Is Going To Be A Life Long Battle For Our Generation, Buckle Up, and get ready to vote. #justiceforbreonnataylor.”

Great to see black celebs showing up and using their platform to continue to raise awareness.




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