How To Safely Remove Acrylic Nails

How To Safely Remove Acrylic Nails

If you’re like most of us, you’re at home struggling, not being able to get to your nail tech due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. If you’re contemplating removing your nails at home, it’s important to do it safely.

It’s so easy to sit and rip your nails off while binge watching Little Fires Everywhere on #Hulu, trust me I’ve done it, but know that when you do that, you’re also removing layers from your nails that could take months to repair.

Here are the tools that can be used to remove those pesky nails without the damage.

MAKARTrrT Nail Files 100 180 Grit


Super Nail Pure Acetone 


Adecco Foam Nail Buffer



DecorRack Cotton Balls



Foil Sheets



Puracy Foaming Hand Soap



Aveeno Hand Cream






Plastic Bowl



Next, follow these steps to remove your nails without damaging.

Step 1

The first step I always take is to file down the acrylic on top of my nail using the 100 grit nail file. It’s important to be gentle with the filing! The 100 grit file is really tough and excessive filing can also damage your nail bed.

Step 2

Once you’ve filed down the acrylic,  I recommend wrapping each fingertip in foil, covered with the cotton balls soaked in acetone. Allow the acetone to soak through the acrylic for at least 45 minutes. Am alternate method would be to soak your fingertips in  the small bowl of acetone, but this can cause excessive dryness to your skin.

Step 3

Once you remove the foil and cotton balls, you should be able to peel the melted acrylic off with a cuticle pusher. To remove any small pieces, use the buffer to gently smooth out your nail.



After Care

Once my nails are removed, I take an extra step to pamper hands. I use the Puracy Foaming Hand Soap to ensure I’ve removed all the acetone.

Moisturizing with the Aveeno Hand Cream prevents dry skin from using the acetone.

If you’re asking what about the chapstick? Well, when I first learned about this trick from my nail tech Kim at The Haute Spot, I was quite surprised and I’ve been using the trick ever since.

After you have moisturized you’re hands with the Aveeno, take a tube of the chapstick and rub it across your cuticles. This will prevent your cuticles and surrounding skin from cracking.

While having acrylic nails aren’t necessarily bad, it’s important to make sure your natural nails remain healthy.  If you’re an acrylic nail lover like myself, I recommend taking a break at least a week or two before getting a new set.


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