Cynthia Erivo’s Oscar Nails Are Goals…And For Good Reason

Cynthia Erivo’s Oscar Nails Are Goals…And For Good Reason

Cynthia Erivo, who was the major Black nominee in 4 Oscar award categories, made use of her presence at the Oscars to send a special message. Her message was about how the Oscars have a history of failing black performers and not giving them the representation they deserve. Erivo’s touching performance of ‘Stand Up’, one of the numbers in Harriet, got a standing ovation and the song was nominated for Best Original Song at the show.




In the film, the actress played Harriet Tubman and she explained that to her, it was essential that she paid tribute to her character in every detail. Right from her outfit, to her nails!

Erivo’s multi-colored, impressively detailed nails were a marvelous contrast against her white, custom-made Versace dress on the carpet. The blue-themed nails had everyone at the red carpet staring and Erivo held her fingers up proudly, making sure the nails got as much attention as possible.

A first look at Erivo’s nail art would have given the impression that it was nothing more than a replica of the famous Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’ –with the swirls and sparkling jewels. The performer’s nail technician, Gina Oh, however, explained that the nail art was inspired by Harriet Tubman and was a tribute to the historical figure and the North Star. During her escape from captivity to freedom, Tubman used the constellations in the sky to find her way. This was one of the most memorable facts of Harriet Tubman’s life.


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@cynthiaerivo Oscar nails!!!! Vincent Van Gogh starry nights meets Harriet Tubman’s starry nights 🌌🌌🌌

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“When Cynthia Erivo told me she wanted to do Harriet Tubman and constellation inspired nail art, I immediately thought about Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’, Gina Oh explained during an interview with Vogue. After some contemplations, Oh and Erivo decided to paint different designs on each hand.  Hence the masterpiece.  If you’re going to make a statement, be bold.  There’s nothing more powerful than beauty with a powerful message attached.




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