6 Morning Habits To Start Your Day

6 Morning Habits To Start Your Day

It all begins with healthy habits.  I used to be a person that flew by the seat of my pants and just go with the flow.  Don’t get me wrong, those days still exist, but as your workload increases, it’s a good thing to have a bit more control over your day. Have you ever noticed a bit of anxiety rising up when you awaken, you have a full plate, but you don’t know what to tackle first?

Before I began the practice I’m about to share, my days went something like this — Snoozing my alarm clock (which usually led to oversleeping), skipping breakfast, and flying out the door to sit in traffic for an hour throwing me further behind.  Those first events of the day usually impacted the daily events that followed.  I knew something had to change.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - AristotleClick To Tweet


Being intentional about your daily habits and planning for success can decrease anxiety and chaos tremendously. Yes, you will still have hiccups and unexpected things happen, but that’s life. Having a plan will leave you flexible and able to pivot when those unexpected things rise.  Here are a few habits that can bring a great start to your day.


Begin with Gratitude

Before your  even get out of bed, give yourself some time to just give thanks.  What are you grateful for? What went right the day before that easily could’ve been a train wreck? When you produce positive thoughts, it stirs up those endorphins that lifts your mood, relaxes your body and lowers your heart rate. That alone is enough to get you going, but it doesn’t stop there.


Get Moving

It can be a challenge to stick to a hardcore exercise regimen when you’re a busy executive or a stay at home mom.  However, including some type of physical activity not only keeps you healthy, but it helps clear your mind and get your blood flowing.  Running with your toddler in the park or taking a brisk walk around your work building on your lunch break is all it takes.  You may find that it’s easier to work youf physical activity in if you switch up your routine.


Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Many aren’t a fan of breakfast and that’s okay, but when you make time to eat even the smallest meal before you start your day, you’ll find that you have longer lasting energy, and stronger ability to focus.


Write Your Daily Plan

Many prefer to make their to do list the night before.  Others believe making their to -do -list  the same morning in case priority of tasks change.  It depends on what makes you comfortable, but one thing is clear; maintaining some type of list to keep you on track makes things go much smoother.  There are many time management apps you can download to compliment your list like FOCUS for iPhone and Time Tune for Android. Getting your task list out of your head and in front of your face helps you see exactly what you’re getting accomplished.



Starting the day with a glass of water helps to keep you hydrated throughout the day.  Adding a twist of lemon will help you eliminate toxins and keep your system flushed.  It will also support weight loss, promotes fresh breath and stimulates digestion.



Turn On Your Music Playlist

Kicking off your day listening to your favorite playlist or podcast is just what you need to keep you pumped throughout the day.  What we put in is exactly what comes out so it’s important to start your day with something positive that will keep you motivated when you have heavy tasks at hand.


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These are just a few tips to help start your day off  right.  If you feel we missed any, feel free to add them in the comments below.





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