10 Nail Color Trends For Spring

10 Nail Color Trends For Spring

Spring is officially here.  Now is the time to stop and smell the roses — literally.  It’s the season of renewal and rebirth, and the time to brighten up your nail life.  The weather is warming up and it’s time to let the sun hit our fresh manicured toes.

On my last visit to the nail shop – before this dreadful coronavirus pandemic, Kim and I discussed what what nail colors would be poppin’ this spring.  To no surprise, it looks like we will be seeing a LOT of metallic, pastels, yellows, blues, and purples.  It’s time to toss those Burgundy’s and Brown’s and put a little sparkle in our lives.  Scroll the list below and peep our top 10 nail colors for this spring.

OPI – Nomad’s Dream Nail Laquer $10.50

Nomad’s Dream is a soft Champagne/Mauve Shimmer polish.  Mauve nails are always in season, and it’s understandable.  Nomad’s Dream is neutral but also sassy. You can wear it to work, or happy hour, birthday brunch, or a night out.  The combination of the shimmer and Mauve is just the right amount of spice for your nail life.

Color Club Halographic Hues – Harp On It $10.68

The Color Club Harp On It Polish gives true meaning to leaving a little sparkle wherever you go.  This polish glows like a heavenly halo. Not only does this polish shine bright like a diamond, but it’s the go to for celeb nail techs and highly recommended for the holographic style.

Essie + Mila  Nail Polish – Limoncello $11.39

Sunflowers, honey bees, and a bright sunny day. That’s what comes to mind when we see the Essie + Mila Limoncello  polish. With as many beautiful sunny days we’ve seen so far this spring, we anticipate seeing major pops of yellow all around. To add to the already cute color, Essie + Mila is totally vegan and gluten free. Doesn’t get any better than that.


LONDONTOWN Lakur – Reverse the Charges $16.00


If you’re following the latest trends of the runway, you may have seen a color similar to Reverse the Charges.  The LONDONTOWN brand is New York Fashionweek inspired, and matches their colors with all the latest fashion trends.  Not only do they follow the color schemes of what’s hot, but they also have massive positive reviews for being a durable, chip-free, gel-like polish.  The Reverse the Charges color is a cool teal and will go perfect with your favorite blue jeans or sun dress. Be inspired.

ZOYA Nail Polish – Birch $10.00


Finding the perfect lavender shade can be such a challenge, but the Zoya Nail Polish in Birch is the closest you can get.  This is the cutest shade, perfect for your next wedding event or barbecue.  The best part? The Zoya polish can last over a week without chipping. Need I say more?



Baby Blue will definitely be a 2020 spring trend. The Dermelect polish in the color Above It gives you all the feels of clear blue skies on a warm spring day.  This shade can be worn on any skin tone and would be perfect with a silver glitter top coat to spice it up.  This polish is also known for lasting nearly two weeks. Perfect for a DIY manicure.


OPI – Withstand The Test of Thyme $13.00 


If you’re rocking OPI’s Withstand The Test of Thyme, you can believe your girls are going to be green with envy. (pun intended) This gorgeous sea green is such a rare color, but has just the right pop of color to turn heads. OPI never fails, as their polish is always long lasting and has the perfect spring vibe.


ILNP Sunday – Pastel Pink Speckled $10.00


Pink and Speckled? We’re in love.  This pastel pink polish is far from boring.  The tiny dark pink speckles gives you a more fancy look. Pink will be trending but it doesn’t have to be traditional! This is a great shade for any skin tone and lasts for days. If you snag this one, you’ve made the right choice.

OPI – Funny Bunny


How can you go wrong with the clean look of white nails and toes? Funny Bunny is one of the most popular white nail polishes. This color is bright, but it isn’t a bright white like the french manicure, but is a softer white and looks great  especially on natural nails.


Cirque Colors Holographic Nail Polish – Himalayan Pink – Rose Gold Metallic $14.00

The Himalayan Pink is a sparkling rose gold color.  Rose gold is perfect for any occasion, and made for the ladies who don’t mind sparkling and shining.  This polish will give your DIY manicure a perfect professional look.

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